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Slow News Day

11.29.05 | Comment?

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. There really hasn’t been much going on. Thanksgiving was at our home this year, and it was quite nice. Nothing particularly blogworthy there. Jason watched the tadpole for us Saturday night, allowing us to see the new Harry Potter movie. Mrs. Flametoad and I both enjoyed it, but I’ve spoken with others (plural) who disliked it because they felt it was too rushed. Well, yes. I can see how can say so. It was edited like a runaway steamtrain–I’ll give them that. But in the filmmakers’ defense, there was a lot of ground to cover in this book. Hopefully they’ll redeem themselves with an extended edition DVD with editing that results in better pacing.

At home, Mrs. Flametoad and I finally finished watching Ray, which we’ve had from Netflix since September. It’s a long movie, and it’s pretty rare for us to get to watch a movie straight through with a toddler in the house. We watched this one over the course of three days. Still, it’s an outstanding movie and well worth watching. Jamie Fox really did nail that performance and deserves all the accolades he received. We still have Dawn of the Dead and Around the World in 80 Days here to watch. Last night we tried watching Around the World and didn’t even get through the credits before a certain tadpole insisted I “come pay box daddy” (translation: come play blocks with me in my room, daddy”). C’est la vie. The movie will still be here tomorrow, but you can’t ever get back the days you put off playing with your kid.

Incidentally, while I was looking up the proper spelling for “c’est la vie”, I came across a much more useful list of phrases. Enjoy.

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