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Robot Pirates

11.10.05 | Comment?

Next time you read about the wailing and gnashing of teeth about the war in Iraq and hear the howls for getting our forces home, just remember that these are the same guys who were clammoring for us to get out of Somalia before the job was done. More than ten years later in Somalia, nothing has changed. My parents taught me that a job worth doing is worth doing right.

And now, for something completely different: dancing robots. (wmv file) No, really. This is some cool stuff! This is not some cheezy CGI “dancing baby” thing. These are actual Sony robots programed for a dance routine. What impresses the hell out of me is the range of articulation, the smoothness of movement, and sheer finesse. These robots are not just doing “the robot”. Check it out, and make sure you have sound turned up enough to hear the music.

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