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03.29.05 | 1 Comment

Today I did something I haven’t done in a while. I started another book before finishing the first. There’s a couple reasons for this. The first is that To Reign in Hell just hasn’t gripped me. The other reason is that it’s locked in the car Kim took to school today. Since I knew I’d be stuck at work (my vehicle is in the shop) for lunch, I gladly grabbed another book from the stack. Now I’m 82 pages into Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, which was recommended by Ed.

I haven’t read Koonzt in a while. I have maybe ten of his older works, but after a while I got tired of the forumla and moved on. Reading this book is a guilty pleasure. This is one of his much more recent works. He seem to has broken out of his forumla at least to a degree, and it’s fun to read. But it’s still at a junior high reading level. (That’s the guilty part.)

Last night I checked the mail and the two books I’d ordered from Overstock.com had indeed arrived. My reading stack is getting pretty darn high at this point. Fortunately, these two are the only other books I’ve been wanting to get. Now I can settle in and work on whitteling down that stack. In between 12 to Midnight projects, that is.

After Ben went to bed last night I took the night off from RPG work and played an hour of Knights of the Old Republic II. Unfortunately, I was kind of inbetween interesting encounters and seemed to spend most of my time leveling up characters. The plot, much like soup to which has been added a liberal amount of corn starch, thickens. [Thanks, Brust.] It’s fun stuff.

Grandpa is doing very poorly. It seems he has taken a big turn for the worse since going into the nursing home. Now he’s in the hospital now with various maladies. The alzheimers has gotten to the point where he didn’t recognize Mom this morning. I’m still waiting to hear how serious the health problems are, but I don’t think even the doctors know yet.

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Comment by Jason
2005-03-31 14:07:17

I’m sorry about your grandfathers condition. My grandfather also has alzheimers.

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