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08.22.05 | Comment?

(no spoilers)

I finished the last 400 pages of the Harry Potter book on Saturday. About midway through I made several predictions, none of which ended up being true. Some of them might have been cooler if they had, but what can you do? Part of me really wants to talk out my feelings and impressions on this book, but I’m a very spoiler-conscious person so I’ll do my best to refrain. Overall it’s not my favorite book, but it was good. The characters are developing in interesting ways. We saw several mentions of characters from earlier books, but mostly in non-meaningful ways. Some characters have dropped to the background, trading places with another character who rose from the scenery to play a surprising, significant role. That was kinda cool. I felt like the “mystery” in this book was much less defined and that the characters drove this book much more than a tangible plot thread. That’s certainly a change from her previous books. The ending also didn’t have that sense of resolution that previous books had. I think it left much more open than it resolved. Some of the rituals (pardon the expression, no pun intended) to which we became accustomed fell by they wayside. There’s a lot to resolve in the last book, and I think it’s going to take a different form than the others. Or not. After all, none of my predictions in this book came true.

Now I’m back to good old Kavalier & Clay. It’s a darn good book.

But will I have time to read it? Brainwashed and Fear Effects both got the stamp of approval from Shane. That means the Savage Worlds editions will be going up for sale this week. It’ll also be time to make a serious push to finish Skinwalker. I want to get the art for that finished soon. Finally, I need to delve back into WordPress and finish the new 12 to Midnight website. It will make updating the site much easier and faster. One reason I haven’t been updating the site so much is that it’s just so time consuming. As it is, I’m waaaaay behind.

We’ve got a teleconference with Jerry tonight to get his post-GenCon report. I spoke with him every day while he was away, so I have a fair idea of what went on. Still, we all need to hear it, ask questions, and decide on what to do about it. One thing I think we need is a separate meeting to hash out our campaign book. We need to be working on that right now. Sorry, I can’t tell you about it just yet. Top secret. It’s good, though. Trust me.

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