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I need to get focused. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time I start working on a novel. Writing one, that is. At the same time, I still have several smaller tasks for 12 to Midnight. Work is very busy right now. And I’m really regretting agreeing to serve as treasurer for our local IABC chapter. There’s just too much to do, and I need to spend some time getting my priorities in focus.

I haven’t quite figured out what novel I want to tackle. There’s always Bloodlines, but part of me feels like I need to put that behind me and move on to something new. There’s another part of me that says if I’m going to revisit Bloodlines, it’ll be as a screenplay. I’ve also thought about working on Kyle’s werewolf idea, but I’m not sure I have the passion to see that one through.

Heading to lunch. More later. Maybe.

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Comment by Jerry
2005-09-01 12:34:04

Screenplays are so much easier to write than novels. You don’t have to be as descriptive. I wrote one in 30 days. Need to revisit that. Problem as always is how to sell.

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