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Opportunity Calling

03.03.05 | Comment?

Tonight we (12 to Midnight) are having our monthly confernce call. If you don’t know us that well, you may not realize that the company officers are spread out over a few hundred miles. The closest of us live 30+ miles apart. That makes physical meetings pretty rare. For a while we conducted most of our business on the forums, but lately we’ve been holding monthly teleconferences and it seems to be working pretty well. We still handle the day to day stuff on our private forum, but some things can just be done faster over the phone.

We’ve got a lot to cover tonight. Not only the business side of things (contracts, financials, etc.), but also a pretty lengthy list of projects needing status reports. Right now I’m looking at a list of seven titles that will definitely be published this year. That’s three more than we published in the first year and a half of existence. That’s also not including the monthly issues of Modern Dispatch. We’ve got big things in store for this year, and it’s an exciting feeling.

Work on Green’s Guide to Ghosts continues. I’m working on layout and art simultaneously, which is slow going at the moment. I’ve got some cool things in store for this layout. Things that really enhance the feel of this being Jackson Green’s personal ghosthunting guide. If it works out like I hope, this will definitely be my best layout to date.

Beyond that, we’ve got Weathered already written and just awaiting playtesting and editing. Pharmaceutical Row (working title) is only two weeks away from a first draft. That’s two more adventures set in Pinebox. Pinebox Pawn has been an on-again/off-again project for a while, but Ed and I are taking it under personal control now and will finish it in-house. Due to its relatively small size, it’ll probably come out even before Weathered. Then there are the other adventures in various stages of development, including the sequal to Last Rites. We’ve got a LOT of ground to cover tonight, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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