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05.13.05 | Comment?

Today’s update is going to be short, since I want to focus on writing the adventure Intervention.

If you’ve persisted in ignorning my advice, I pity you. Today’s Darth Side is especially good. I only wish my writing was on par with his. In related news, I can’t believe that Episode III is less than a week away. It’s a shame that I don’t feel more excited about it. Sure, I’ll figure out a way to go see it. But I find myself much more excited about Serenity later this year. To quote Scott Kurtz, “Joss Wheedon is my master now.”

“History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of maaaaan. GODZILLA!”

Sorry. I love that song.

Watched my taped episode of Wednesday’s Lost last night. It’s becoming more predictible, but still entertaining. I’m getting mighty sick of Jack’s hypocrisy. Maybe it’s purposful, since it was pointed out in dialog. It’s still mighty annoying. It sure seems to me like opening that container is nothing but a bad idea, though.

I’m getting more interested in The Lone Drow, and the reading level is such that it shouldn’t take long to knock out. Or, it wouldn’t if I wasn’t dedicating myself to getting this writing project done. Speaking of which, work beckons. Have a good weekend.

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