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No Foolin’

04.04.05 | Comment?

On Friday, many of the web pages I visit on a regular basis followed tradition with some kind of lame attempt at an April Fool’s hoax/joke. Most of them weren’t worth even a chuckle, and certainly didn’t take me in. I almost wonder how anyone could be fooled with such transparent non-jokes. Yet, my faith in universal gullibility insists that yes, somewhere out there people were outraged to learn that their favorite site was under new management, had changed their color pallet to shades of pink, or whatever.

Having congratulated myself on my relative cunning, my complacency made it that much worse when the hammer finally fell mid-afternoon. I got a call from Ed, who had just received an email from Clint Black. Clint, the author of Necessary Evil and a really cool guy, is doing the Savage Worlds conversion of Green’s Guide to Ghosts. Ed had earlier e-mailed him a question I’d had about his notes, and he received Clint’s response while we were still on the phone. The e-mail explained that the rule in question was related to the very most recent updates to the Savage Worlds rulebook (which had only arrived from the printers last week). Ed and I became very excited that the Guide would be the first Savaged game to take advantage of the new rules. Unfortunately, after two paragraphs of explanation, Clint let the hammer fall and admitted that the rule I’d questioned was in fact a mistake. Darn him!

Thursday night I stayed up way too late playing way too much Knights of the Old Republic II. It’s a lot of fun, but some of the missions are a bit more convoluted than I prefer. I can’t wait to take another stab at it.

I’ve been continuing to read Koontz’s Frankenstein (book 1), and continuing to not read Brust’s To Reign in Hell. I’ll go back to it and finish it when I’m done with Koontz. Frankenstein should, by all rights, be a fast read. It’s the kind of book I would have torn through in a couple of days, in my earlier life. Between the family and 12 to Midnight, those days are long gone.

I don’t think I mentioned the other book I’m… hearing. I finally broke down and got some a book on CD for the commute. It’s called Lone Star Nation. It’s a non-fiction account of the Texas Revolution, and it’s absolutely perfect for my needs. It’s a book I’ve thought about picking up several times, but probably never would have because I read so little non-fiction. It has been a very enjoyable book so far, and well worth the $5 for rental. Even as an amateur Texas history buff, I have learned quite a lot about the Texas revolution and the people who played such a large role in it. It has really put it in a whole new perspective. The author is a History chair at Texas A&M, although the dust jacket says he lives in Austin.

Also on the matter of books, Overstock.com has continued to impress me. They have the new Harry Potter hardback for $2 less than Amazon and even $0.50 less than Sam’s Club. I don’t know how they do it, but they’ll definitely have me as a customer in the future. Once I work through the 15-20 books waiting in my stack, that is.

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