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Lost Omens

05.05.05 | 1 Comment

Ben was running a fever Tuesday night, so I spent yesterday at home with him. Got him to the doc and on an antibiotic, and this morning he seemed more like his old (21 month old) self. Horray for antibiotics.

Watched Lost last night. Kim and I are starting to become convinced that the doctor is bipolar. In one episode he gets totally worked up to the point of irrationality, and in the next he’s mister cool and collected. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the writers or what. This particular episode was actually pretty weak. It seems like characters were making stupid decisions left and right, all for the sake of “drama”. Oh well. It’s still an intriguing show. I’ll keep watching for the time being.

I’m about 100 pages from the end of Good Omens, and enjoying it. It won’t be at the top of my all-time favorites or anything, but it’s a fun read. I’m upgrading the Darth Vader Blog to a “must-read”. Really.

Last night we (12 to Midnight) had our monthly teleconference. We’re working with a new editor, which I think it going to work out great for us. Jerry has really helped improve our writing over the last couple of years, but working with someone who does this for a living just raises the bar.

I mentioned on our website that we are adding additional content to our horror save rules before releasing them. I volunteered to write a short adventure that will demonstrate the rules in action. I have an outline on paper and I hope to start writing today at lunch. I think it’s going to be a fun little adventure, and using the horror rules should add a whole new dimension. I’m looking forward to writing. Unlike the Modern Dispatch adventure I just wrote, the outline for this one wasn’t such a struggle.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2005-05-05 12:32:28

Glad this new adventure is flowing for you. The best writing comes when passion provides the words. Does for me at least.

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