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05.26.05 | 1 Comment

I’m still having problems with writing discipline. I still procrastinate, such as by checking my mail one last time before writing, then checking our forums, then checking EnWorld’s forums, then checking RPGNow. Then, well, it’s been a while, so I better check my mail again. Despite all the petty time-wasting, I’ve still managed to make good progress on Intervention. (Ugh. I’m more and more disliking that title). I’m about a third of the way into the final encounter. It’ll still need some polish at the end of this draft, but the end is definitely in sight.

I managed to finish The Forever War (mentioned previously), which was indeed a good book. It put the “science” in science-fiction. I’m also midway through Jacob Slichter’s book about life behind the fame of the band Semisonic. It’s far from a dry biography; Slichter’s writing is very engaging. Yesterday I read the chapter about their first concert festival after their single “Closing Time” made it big, and he expertly captured the excitement and awe of connecting with several thousand fans. The book also isn’t the kind of tell-all list of sexual encounters we’ve come to expect from band bios. So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star shows us a different picture; a picture of a byzantine recording industry, a picture of mere mortals struggling for one step below godhood–music idol–and what happens when they get there. Good stuff.

I also took time off from writing last night to watch the season finale of Lost. Predictible, but still entertaining. Jack annoys me more and more. Hurley is still my favorite, with Locke a close second. He may be a bit crazy, but all in all he’s still been more practical and level-headed than Jack. Now that the only TV show I was watching (I’ve missed the last few months of Joan of Arcadia) is over for the summer, maybe I can finish watching Band of Brothers.

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Comment by Jerry
2005-05-26 11:35:55

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that makes the reading loop from email to forum et al.

I need to read the Forever War. I think they did a Twilight Zone based on that story. One of my favorite episodes.

I taped Lost and hopefully will have three hours to catch up with it all this weekend. Band of Brothers was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Great show. The book was enjoyable too. History lovers are really going to miss Stephen Ambrose.

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