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03.03.05 | Comment?

And now for something completely different…

Last night’s Lost was another great episode. I’d been looking forward to finally learning about Hurley’s past, and I wasn’t disappointed. The writers managed to add another layer of intrigue to the storyline. It’s the kind of writing I love, and which is why I tried to accomplish the same sort of thing in Bloodlines.

I finished reading New Orleans Ghosts, which was a quick but interesting read. Lots of cool ideas for 12 to Midnight, no doubt. Next up is a collection of “Mojo” Joe Lansdale stories called Captains Outrageous.

Edit: Heck! I just learned that Captains Outrageous is book 5 in a series. Grrrr. I guess it goes back on the stack for now. That means Brust’s To Reign in Hell is next.

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