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03.14.05 | Comment?

I got to spend Saturday morning at the Houston Zoo with my family. It was a very nice time. The weather could not have been more perfect, and we got there at opening time (9 am) so it had not yet become crowded. We strolled, we saw, we played, we took pictures, and we left. By 11 am we were on our way home.

On Sunday I got to game with the 12 to Midnight crew and a guest player. I got to play an NPC from my adventure Bloodlines, and I had a blast. I haven’t gotten to game as a player since early Summer 2004, and it was long overdue. Furthermore, Hadji is just a cool character to roleplay. The adventure is spooky and fun, and is going to make a great addition to the company lineup. Editing has already begun.

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