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08.18.05 | Comment?

Jerry has been blogging from GenCon, which I think is cool like heck. It’s like our very own roving reporter. He had been worried that he’d be too shy, but so far I’d say he’s doing a great job of representing us. He already hooked up with several of our fellow publishers before the con even began. I’m glad it was him on the barstool last night. My body has a low tolerance for alcohol. And I don’t mean that in a “He’s an easy drunk” kind of way. I mean that in a “hard liquor feels like an ice pick trying to punch a hole in my stomach” sort of way. Beer is usually better, except that the next day my allergies are all out of wack. Must be something about the yeast or hopps or whatever. Damn allergies. Damn mortal body.

Speaking of “damn mortal body”, I’m still sick. Got over the stomach bug and but now have a sinus infection. I have a doctor appointment in about 30 minutes. Better leave in about 15. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I want to have energy again. I don’t want to feel like hammered poop. Next month I’m starting on the South Beach diet again and I’m going to lose this extra 15-20 pounds. A nice side effect is that my blood sugar shouldn’t be so screwy and my off-and-on back problems should go away. I’ll miss cokes. Oh yes I will miss them. But we’ll see.

With Jerry away at GenCon, production here at 12 to Midnight has come to a halt. We’re all kinda taking a vacation this week. I may start tinkering with our website again. Or I may read Harry Potter. Or work on the house. Or something. We’ve been working at a pretty breakneck pace over the summer. It’s going to be hard maintaining that level of energy over the Fall. If we can get Skinwalker, Fire in the Hole, and one other out by the end of the year, I think that’s about as much as we can reasonably expect.

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