Gaming rigs

02.25.05 | Comment?

It seems like the topic of gaming rigs (of the pen-n-paper variety) keeps coming up lately. Over on EN World today, they spotlighted a setup in which game maps are projected onto the table using a laptop and projector. It’s a pretty awesome system. Feel free to drool. The link includes several photos.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Batey’s Role-O-Drome (scroll down past the cartoon). It’s a really cool design that would greatly facilitate roleplay. However, I don’t see how there would be room for a map. This might be more appropriate for combat-light adventures in which you could get by without using a map, or at least using it only minimally.

Both designs have their benefits and weaknesses. Both have something in common– the huge amount of time that went into putting them together. Clearly, these people don’t have kids. :)

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