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11.30.05 | Comment?

mp3 player cleverly disguised as PEZ dispensorIn case you haven’t heard, there’s some way cool news over at Great White Games. “Pinnacle Entertainment Group to Produce WizKids RPGs, Scenario Books!” That is awesome news for GWG, and we are incredibly pleased for Shane, Simon, Wiggy, and the rest. Next year we’re going to see a whole new group of gamers introduced to the fast! furious! fun! gameplay of Savage Worlds.

In other news, I stumbled across this interesting new product. A stay-at-home dad came up with the idea of hiding a MP3 player in a PEZ dispensor. He approached the people who make PEZ about developing the idea, and to his utter shock and amazement, they actually went for it. Then, as he says on his website, “Fast forward a year, a bank loan, a family loan, some nagging doubts, a lot of late, late nights, and a lot of diapers. Now it is here. The PEZ MP3 player. ” It has 512MB of storage, is powered by a AAA battery, connects to your computer via USB, and comes preloaded with a bunch of indie music. And it’s only $99. Pretty nifty, if ya’ ask me.

Favorite quote of the day: “Quitting is not an exit strategy.”

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