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11.17.05 | 1 Comment

In my defense, yesterday’s post sounded much better in my head.

And before I forget, Jason pointed out that it doesn’t pay to grow old. That is very scary stuff my friends, and it’s just another example of how legislators’ good intentions eventually go bad.

Between illnesses and preparing for SwampFest this weekend, I haven’t had much opportunity to work on Skinwalker layout. It’s not going to be a difficult layout. I just need the time to work on it. I suspect that the bulk of the work will be done over Thanksgiving weekend. I sincerely hope the appendices are done by then. Unless something else pressing is going on, over Christmas I’ll be upgrading the forums over at 12 to Midnight. There’s a big upgrade available that plugs some obscure security holes and adds some nifty new features. Apparently it involves making a few changes to the template, so it’s not just a matter of running a patch.

photo of Ben with cupcake icing on his faceMrs. Flametoad has accepted a new job at a hospital. She’ll be working seven 10 hour days, then have off seven days. It means beginning in mid-December I’ll be watching the tadpole two weekends out of the month. And when tadpole #2 comes along in April I’ll be caring for an infant and a toddler. Guess I’ll get a little taste of what it’s like being a single parent. I suspect I’ll have a whole new respect for what they go through. I’ve already broached the possibility we might need to hire some weekend help while she’s at work. Her response? “That’s fine, as long as she’s not hot.” I guess my dreams of a hot nanny in a French maid outfit will have to go unfulfilled.

And finally, because too much is never enough, I’ll leave you with a photo of the tadpole at my twin nieces’ birthday party last weekend.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2005-11-21 10:47:45

You’ll do just fine. And if anything you know a few guys that can empathize.

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