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Fire in the Hole

08.16.05 | Comment?

Saturday was 12 to Midnight’s mid-year meeting. This time it was held at my house. It was good to see everyone in person again, and as always we took care of business without argument or rancer. It’s easy to take for granted what a great group of people I work with. There’s no bickering or fighting. There’s no ego. We all have a strong work ethic and just want to do work we’re proud of.

After we took care of business, we broke for lunch then reconviened for the 2nd half of our meeting– the gaming! We playtested Jerry’s new adventure, called Fire in the Hole. It’s set in the same location as Weekend Warriors and is a follow-up to that adventure. This is ironic, since Weekend Warriors was a 1-shot adventure in which it is expected that some, many, or even all of the characters die. Fire in the Hole is a fairly short, straightforward, deadly adventure. However, it also sets the stage for a long-term campaign in the theme of Stargate SG-1 and that is where its greatest strength lies. Jerry has not just created a single adventure, but a launching point for something much bigger.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun Saturday. Sunday wasn’t so good. I got hit with a stomach bug that knocked me on my rear end all day. I stayed home from work on Monday and was kept company by Kim, who caught the bug from me. Today we’re both back at work, but I can’t say I’m at 100% yet. I’m over the main illness, but I think it really tore up my stomach lining. It may be some time before I’m completely back to my old self.

I’m still reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, but Kim finished the new Harry Potter book and wants me to read it so we can talk about it. AAKC is a great book, but it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince me to pick up the Potter book instead. I’ve also been watching episodes of Firefly from my DVD collection. Can’t wait for Serenity.

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