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Episode 3 (x2), Drow, & Dispatch

05.23.05 | 1 Comment

In other news, like many other people I saw Revenge of the Sith this weekend. I guess I’m not a die-hard fan since I didn’t see it on opening day. But I saw it the next day on a frickin’ IMAX screen, so I think that at least partially redeems me. Maybe one of these days I’ll post my thoughts about the movie… but probably not. I doubt I could write a review without lacing it with spoilers. Suffice it to say that I thought it was the best of the new trilogy. It took Lucas three tries to finally remember how to tell a coherent story–but this time he did it. Good stuff.

I also watched another “episode 3” last night– the third episode of Band of Brothers–while ironing my work clothes for the week. It’s still a good miniseries. If I weren’t up to my neck in house hunting and writing for 12 to Midnight, I’d undoubtedly be much further along. It’s early in the series, but I’m thinking I should pick up the book sometime. There are so many characters that I’m having a hard time keeping everyone straight in my mind. Maybe that won’t be such a problem after seeing a few more episodes.

I sat up late one night (Friday, I think) and finished reading The Lone Drow. I have to say I think this book was better than the first. I saw the third book in a retail store over the weekend, but I’m a cheap bastard and am going to wait until I find it either in the bargain bin or at Half-Price Books. In other book news, I got my copy of So You Wanna Be a Rock Star. I’ve read about 50 pages (it’s a very easy read) and am thorougly enjoying it. The writing is anything but dry and you (or at least I) instantly identify with this struggling musician who is suddenly thrust into the bloody world of the music business. This is a guy who has dreamed most of his life of being a rock star, but when faced with success experiences such anxiety over the possibility screwing up that he suffers stage fright, panic attacks, and more. Not the stereotypical “rock star” image, huh? If you’ve ever wondered with it’s really like behind the scenes in the music business, this book lays it all out for the world to see. I’m looking forward to finishing it and loaning it to friends. I think Kyle would really like it.

I also started Joe Halderman’s The Forever War. It was written in 1973 and refers to a future 1997. That’s kind of weird. At the same time, it was a Hugo and Nebula winner for good reason. The writing is sharp and reminds you how much literature has fallen over the decades–even sci-fi and fantasy. If you want to read a good book, read an older book.

I also wrapped up Modern Dispatch: Fallen (#41). This is the first Modern Dispatch written entirely by me. It’s got some good stuff in there, but isn’t as polished as I’d like. Of course, if it was as polished as I’d like it would be 20-30 pages long. Still, it’s a good jumping-off point for the busy GM, which is the whole point. And with Craig’s awsome maps, I’m sure nobody will be complaining about not getting their $2.25 worth.

I still have to write the conclusion to Intervention (working title of the adventure that will be bundled with our horror rules). With Modern Dispatch behind us, I should be able to crank that out in another day or two.

I think I may have come off with the wrong impression on my post about writing in “the zone”. It wasn’t a rant or a whine. Honest. If anything, it’s an explanation for why it takes so long for me to write. Writing in the zone is much faster, but it should never be an excuse for not writing. Some amatures rarely or never write because they’re just not “in the mood”. But writing is a skill and a discipline that has to be exercised. Excercise your discipline and before long it won’t be such a struggle to capture that “mood”. I know the theory. I just have to practice it.

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Comment by Jerry
2005-05-23 11:56:34

I did not think the Zone was a whine or rant. I found it rather analytical. Something that can be difficult to do. Especially, when you are placing yourself as the subject under discussion.

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