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03.21.05 | Comment?

Friday was a day off (from my day job at the university) for me. As you can imagine, I took the opportunity to work on Green’s Guide to Ghosts. If I remember correctly, I logged about 6 hours of layout and writing on Friday. The good news is that it is very close to being done. I have a list of last-minute text changes to make, I have to generate the table of contents, then it’s DONE. Well, the “full” version is done. Then I’ll have to do the printer-friendly version. Those usually take me an hour or so. Considering the other work I’ll be doing to get to that point, I probably won’t finish the full version and the printer-friendly version tonight. That means I won’t be really done until tomorrow night. Most likely, you won’t see the Guide up on RPGNow until sometime Wednesday morning. Of course, even then I won’t be really really done, because then I’ll have to go back and reformat it again for the POD version. I’m getting better at that, but even so that is probably another night’s worth of work. So there goes Wednesday night.

And then there’s the Savage Worlds edition, which also requires “full” and “printer-friendly” versions.

I’m still hopeful that one of these days I’ll get to actually write again.

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