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Come & Take It

10.04.05 | Comment?

With Mrs. Flametoad at work this weekend, me and the tadpole returned to my old stomping (or would that be “hopping”?) grounds for the weekend. It so happened that my homeland threw a celebration in honor of my homecoming. Or not. Anyway, it was time once again for the annual Come & Take It festival, in which Gonzales celebrates the first skirmish in the war for Texas independence from Mexico. Don’t know about it? This’ll learn ya’ a thing or two, compliments of the Handbook of Texas Online–a pretty handy resource for all things Texas.

Ben is hot, bored, and thirsty at C&TI.Anyway, it was hot and humid, and the parade frankly was the worst I’ve ever seen there. C&TI is really going downhill, and I think it reflects directly on the poor state of managment of the city and county. Our county is turning into the northernmost tip of the Valley, with median incomes getting lower and lower. It’s ironic that the county’s biggest source of income, poultry production, is also the thing that is slowly strangling the county with undocumented workers who are straining the local police, health, and welfare resources to the utmost while giving proportionally much less back to the economy.

But enough with that tangent. The tadpole rode around in his little red wagon and I got to spend some time with mom, so it certainly wasn’t a wasted trip. That evening I got to visit with Kyle and Myrlah, and even got to see Kevin, Carol, and their kids. Certainly the only reason to go to C&TI is to hook up with old friends. Unfortunately, Mrs. Flametoad caught a cold so Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. However, with me a brought a tv on loan from my sister. Loyal readers may remember that our old one was stolen while we lived in Houston. We’d been making due with my old tv from junior high, but this is much nicer. Jason came over and helped me rewire the home theater electronics into it, but now we’re having an issue with the center channel. It works fine for the cable signal, but not for the DVD player. Still, a 36″ TV versus an 18″ TV is a much welcome improvement, and we’ll get the sound issue worked out.

In other news, we were delivered the first rough sketch of the Skinwalker cover. Although we had some concerns that the artist is addressing, I think we’re going to end up with a great cover. Jessica Van Hulle is a talented, enthusiastic artist. I can’t wait to see the final result. I also just finished editing our October issue of Modern Dispatch. It’s written by freelancer Neal Hyde, and I hope we see more from him soon. This is a very solid issue and will be available in a week and a half.

And moving from RPG design to advertising design, check out this new campaign for Listerine breath strips. It seems to be saying, even ugly people need Listerine too. Heck, maybe they need it more. But who do I want to identify with? If that sort need mouthwash, is that the group I want to identify with? Oh, whatever. Who cares if it’s a successful campaign or not? It’s still funny. I’m just thankful I’m married, because otherwise I’m afraid one day I’d turn into that last guy.

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