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08.11.05 | 1 Comment

For those of you who were on the edges of their seats, Lucy is safe and sound. She had taken refuge in our neighbor’s garage. Today she’s locked up in the laundry room and this evening we’ll have to repair the fence.

Suddenly there’s not enough time. I’m still not done with Modern Dispatch and it’s due this weekend. Jerry will be at the house Saturday and I still haven’t had time to work on the materials he’ll need at GenCon. Signup sheet and sample CDs are easy. The coupon/bookmarks and poster are both color jobs and need at least a day. I don’t have a day. I’ll get the bookmarks done, but the poster is doubtful. Having to take a work-related day trip tomorrow sure isn’t helping.

The new Serenity trailer rocks. If the IMAX in Houston plans on showing it, I’ll be there.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2005-08-12 11:02:47

Glad you found Lucy. That would be so sad to be seperated and then lose her when not even a month has passed.

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