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10.28.05 | Comment?

Today I stumbled across this interesting article about how one gamer views roleplaying games in terms of Christian ideals. Not terribly deep, but worth reading. He has some useful notes at the bottom for Christian-friendly house rules for fantasy campaigns.

I know I’ve been posting a lot of ad industry stuff lately, but that’s just the way it is. This is too cute not to share.

Last night I watched an episode of Supernatural to try to get the creative juices flowing. (Didn’t work. This was the airplane episode.) The show isn’t bad, but it’s not particularly daring either. Each episode is self contained. You can watch them in any order. There’s no sign of a building story the way there is with Lost. TV execs may feel safer that way, but there’s no sense of personal investment in the show, either. (Ah-hem. Not that I’ve been keeping up with Lost, either. I’m a good 3 episodes behind.) I still stand by my prediction that the father is already dead and the older brother is perpetrating a hoax in order to get his brother involved. Remember folks, you read it here first.

Steam alerted me to the fact that a new Half-Life 2 scenario was available. Despite the serious need to finish the Modern Dispatch I’m (supposed to be) writing, I just couldn’t resist playing Lost Coast. It’s fairly short, but I strongly suspect that there are a couple areas I didn’t explore. Fun stuff. Makes me want to download some fan-made single player maps.

Tune in next week for a preview of Jessica’s work on the Skinwalker cover. I am in awe. Also, be prepared to be amazed and dazzled with photos of THE SIDEWALK OF HORROR.

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