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05.03.05 | Comment?

Slower days.I got a message from Thomas that he was having difficulties logging in to post comments. I realized I’d made some changes to stop spammers that inadvertently stopped everyone but spammers. That realization led me on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, which opened new vistas of blah blah blah. Okay, it lit a fire under my rear-end and got me looking at all the new plugins and themes for WordPress. I found a plugin that promises to stop a lot of spam at the door, so I’ve thrown open the gates for folks to comment. You still have to sign up before you can comment, but it’s a 1-time deal. If if causes that much of a headache for everyone, let me know and I’ll experiment with nixing that requirement altogether.

You’ve also no doubt noticed a visual change in the site too. (Unless you’re reading the RSS feed. No tellin’ what you folks see.) I’d been holding off on a site redesign until my flametoad logo came in from the talented Obsidian. But that art has been slow in coming, so I figured while I was making changes behind the scenes I’d go ahead and make some visual improvements at the same time. This is a theme called Desert (by Dimension2k), and with the exception of customizing the header, is used almost exactly as-is. I also found a nifty image plugin called IImage Browser. Yea photos! It even creates thumbnails on the fly.

This was the final piece I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been wanting to redo the 12 to Midnight site for a while now. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the tables and switch to CSS because frankly our bandwidth usage is horrible. All the graphics in the forum really kill us. I can’t do much about that, but I can do something about the main site. At the same time, I’ve been wanting a way to automatically archive the posts on the news page. I’ve been thinking “WordPress” for a while now, but it was always important to me that we be able to add photos to our news posts. Now that I can do all of those things, I think we’re ready. Now all I need is a designer to do it for me. I’d love to do it myself, but I’m finally starting to understand my limits. I already have the responsiblity for product layout, and as I mentioned in my last post I want to do more writing. I also need to spend more time with my family and less in front of the computer. That means letting something else work on the website redo. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking on the project, contact me at presto at 12tomidnight.com.

Edit: I decided to see what happens if I don’t require registration for comments. Instead, the first time you comment it’ll go into a moderation queue. After I approve it, future comments will appear instantly. Unless you’re a spammer, in which case you’ll be targeted for death.

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