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06.09.05 | Comment?

It is good to finally have a break in writing. I finished up the adventure on Tuesday and it was playtested that night. I have a few minor things to add, including a neat idea for player handouts. I’m a sucker for handouts. Up until recently I’d been calling it Intervention. In our company meeting last week Ed suggested Harmonic Convergence, which seemed like an improvement. The problem was that neither of those names sounded menacing. This is a horror adventure, and I wanted that reflected in the title. So now the title is Brainwashed, and I’m pretty sure this is going to be the one that sticks.

At my suggestion, we also renamed our horror rules (imaginatively called Horror Rules) to Fear Effects (admitedly, also not very creative). Laugh if you want. I like it. This is 12 to Midnight’s answer to the various sanity systems out there. Ed did a great job of developing a system that doesn’t require keeping track of sanity points or the like. It’s straightforward and fun. As it stands now, Fear Effects is laid out and pretty much ready to go. The main thing we’re waiting on now is the cover art, which will be complete before the end of the month.

These two items will be bundled together in a product probably also called Fear Effects. I don’t know if we’ll ever release Brainwashed as a standalone purchase, but I believe that we will be releasing Fear Effects by itself if you don’t want my adventure too. (sniff)

We had a last-minute change with Modern Dispatch this week. We had another one all ready to go, but when we realized that Fear Effects would not be out before the Dispatch we decided to bump it a month. While the Dispatch doesn’t require it, it does refer to it. So Ed whipped up another one in short order and we’re pushing it through the editing cycle.

In other news, Ben is sick again. I got sick as well, but so far I’ve fought it off better than he has. I’m using zinc cough drops to stop viral attacks and keeping on decongestants to avoid a secondary sinus infection. Poor little Ben has a nasty cough and is pretty congested. So far he has been a trooper about it, but I know he can’t feel well. I just hope we can keep it from turning into a secondary infection. He has a tendancy toward ear infections these days.

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