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03.28.05 | Comment?

I’m torn about what to talk about today. Rather than choose one over the other, I’ll talk briefly about both.

First, my apartment was burglarized on Thursday. This is the 2nd time since moving to Houston last July. This time they took the TV, the DVD player, and diamond earrings I’d given to Kim two Christmases ago. I’ve informed our insurance company, but with the $500 will probably eat more than half the value of the stolen items. Thanks to God they didn’t take my computer or grandpa’s guns. This little episode has underscored the need for me to create backups and store them off site. Jason tuned me in to a reasonably priced Plextor DVD burner, so I may pick one up next month.

Easter was a fine time with my in-laws. The drive was long and it it rained from Friday night through our departure Sunday morning, but the company was enjoyable. I took the opportunity the drive presented to read more from Brust’s To Reign in Hell. It’s not a bad book, but it still doesn’t grip me the way the majority of his other work has done. After my last post, I took the plunge and ordered the two books I wanted online. This time I didn’t use Amazon. I tried Overstock.com and saved a couple bucks over what I would have spent at Amazon. Sometimes advertising really does work.

In 12 to Midnight news, this morning I took a moment to rewrite my “to do” list. It has a mere nine things on it. Some will get done this week. Most will not. Hopefully by the end of this week we’ll have some cool Savage Worlds news. No, not that. Something else.

Green’s Guide to Ghosts has been well received. Sales have been strong, rocketing it to the top of the d20 Horror sales list at RPGNow. Not that that is particularly hard to do. Still, people seem to really like it. It’s nice to know the work you put into something is liked and appreciated.

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