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Back in the Saddle

09.27.05 | 1 Comment

Fortunately for us, the hurricane veered further North and East and missed us entirely. Not even a drop of rain. After 15 hours on the road, Jerry finally arrived safely at the house. We spent a fun, low-key weekend. We played a lot of x-box (Ghost Recon 2), a zombie board game that rocked, and on Sunday we played the Serenity roleplaying game. The system was close enough that we ended up just Savaging it, which worked just fine. Jason, Corey, and Ed came over, so it was a good group. Jerry ran a fun little adventure. Ed made things extra interesting by going turncoat and making a deal with the enemy. Not great for party cohesion, but quite a bit of fun for a 1-shot. At the end we talked about buying a book and Savaging it for a long-term campaign with our weekly group. Of course, we just started Rippers, so we have a while before we’ll need to look for something new.

I’m feeling the beginnings of the annual Fall burnout. Between our big summer push and the way I’ve been closely following recent developments in the industry, I’m just ready for a break. Fortunately I’m in a lull between editing jobs right now, so I have a day or two to relax. The same doldrums happened to all of us last fall, and it resulted in 6 months with no new product. We can’t afford for that to happen again. Hopefully I just need a short break and a good book.

Speaking of good books, I finally finished Kavalier & Clay. Good stuff. Now it has really underscored the fact that all my books are still in boxes, though. I finally have my shelves set up, so maybe later this week I’ll spend a few relaxing evenings putting my library back in order and hopefully finding my set of unread books in the process. It’s been so long I don’t even remember what’s in the queue.

Serenity opens this weekend. Need I say more?

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Comment by Jerry
2005-09-27 11:58:55

I am so there for Serenity. My kids want to play more Serenity. Thought we might play Neccesary Evil yesterday, but they fiddled around and we ended up watching the Longest Yard instead. Was pretty good.

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