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10.27.05 | Comment?

I went to bed at the end of the 8th inning last night. After they didn’t rise to the challenge and score in the same inning as the White Sox, I had a bad feeling that it was all over. Turns out I was right. I guess they needed to drink more milk.

Switching gears slightly (unless you followed the link above), let’s talk advertising. Here’s an effective ad for a laser level. No old women in bras this time. I promise.

My first real-life encounter with photo manipulation came back in college. Playboy had some of the women who appeared in one of their college issues (mmmmm…Echo) come near campus for a magazine signing. Needless to say, the women signing their pictures only had a passing resemblance to the women in the magazine. (And not just because they were wearing clothes!) That was a little over 10 years ago when it was probably still being done by airbrush. Today, sometimes it’s easy to forget how pervasive digital manipulation has become. Everyone talks about the folly of trying to hold ourselves to the physical standards of professional models, but I’ll let you in on a secret. Even the professional models can’t meet today’s standards. Want to see what I mean? (Not Work Safe*) Glenn Feron makes his living touching up photos. And we’re not talking basic color correction here. Follow the link to his porfolio, click on a thumbnail to see the “after”, then mouseover to see the “before”. The photos at the top of his portfolio show the most dramatic changes.

Edit: Here is another site that demonstrates the same level of photomanipulation. Girl in bikini, but slightly more work safe.

Finally, for you male Harry Potter fans, did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live? (I hate to steal bandwidth, but this link comes courtesy of Jason and I can’t find the original link within the site.) The link is to a pretty large quicktime MOV file, but if you’re a guy it’s funny stuff and worth the download. Mmmmm… (drool) magnifying glass.

*Depending on your standards at work, this may or may not be work safe. No inappropriate body parts are showing, but most of the photos are the kind of racey shots you’d see in a MTV video or a more daring perfume ad. Your call, but I’d rather play it safe and let you decide.

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