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03.14.05 | Comment?

I’m not an artist. I have a fairly high standard when it comes to art, and I freely and easily admit that I don’t live up to that standard. But unfortunately necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, it is necessary that I create the art because we don’t have the capital for traditional artwork. Okay, that’s not really fair. Many of 12 to Midnight’s products are created with a “real world” feel, which means the artwork should have a “real world” feel as well.

In practical terms, that means I have to figure out where art need to fall in layout and come up with photos that fit the subject at hand. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it isn’t. At the very least, it forces you (meaning, “me”) to get creative. I’m about 2/3 of the way through layout on Green’s Guide to Ghosts right now. (Notice the link now!) and I hit a point over the weekend where the ideas just stopped coming. Just try coming up with real-world photos to illustrate modern supernatural phenomenon. It’s not that easy! My Photoshop skills are certainly getting a workout.

Fortunately, this morning I was able to do some brainstorming and I have a new list of ideas. Some of them require the use of props, which means they won’t come to pass. I’m not buying a Ouija board just for a photo, but I might spring for a Tarot deck if I can find a cheap one somewhere. Anyone have any suggestions? This weekend I got my train photo, so that’s one I can cross off the list. The hardest photos are the actual ghost ones, and I have one or two more of those left on my list.

Does anyone actually appreciate these photos? Should we just spring for an artist and leave it at that? Maybe. Maybe not. For something like Green’s Guide, it’s all about the real world. This is real-world ghost-hunting brought into RPG terms. By using photos, we’re “keepin’ it real”.

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