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Another Update

06.27.05 | Comment?

We should be getting the Fear Effects cover today, which means it will probably hit the electronic streets tomorrow. I’ve already seen a low-rez version, and our artist Cris did a great job.

Speaking of great jobs, our artist on Brainwashed also blew us away by producing all three images in less than 48 hours. At this point all that’s holding it up is editing. The ball’s in my court on that one, and I hope to finish that up in the next couple of days. Won’t be working on it tonight, since I’ll be releasing Fear Effects. So far the edits have gone very smoothly and I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I need to add a few lines in the adventure itself and need to flesh out the appendix, but otherwise it’s in good shape. No significant edits.

Playtested Ed’sThe House on Dale Island this past weekend (another reason why I didn’t finish my edits) and had a lot of fun. There’s some stuff to work out in terms of the plot hooks and handouts, but the adventure itself is a lot of fun.

I just sent off the contract for our second artist for Skinwalker. Jerry and I spent 45 minutes on the phone last night working out the art and descriptions, and I feel much more comfortable about where we’re going. We’ll end up spending more money than I think we’d originally planned, but not too much more. It’s important that we don’t let our quality slip and it looks like it won’t break the bank. I just hope people like Fear Effects and Brainwashed. The House on Dale Island is going to be another art monster.

In other news, I’ve probably read several books since the last time I mentioned such things. I recently finished a Pournelle book published in ’82 about the importance of establishing a space colony. Now I’m doing something I haven’t done in quite a while. I’m re-reading a book. I bought it at a used book store having forgotten that I’d already read it. The intro tickled a memory, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read it. However, I’ve forgotten all the details so it’ll pretty much be like reading it for the first time. The book is Thorn, by Fred Saberhagen. It’s the first in his Dracula series.

Also haven’t seen many movies. At least nothing particularly notworthy. I saw the new Batman. Have I mentioned that already? It was okay. Everyone says it’s better that the first remake. I’ll have to take their word for it since I haven’t seen it in a looooong time. I wasn’t terribly keen on the guy playing Batman. Liam was great as usual. I thought the action wasn’t filmed very well. Many of the fights were too chaotic to follow what was happening. Maybe that was on purpose, but I just find it annoying.

Other than that, about the only thing I’ve seen is more episodes of Band of Brothers. I think I’m up to episode 7. Just three more to go. After this I have Once Upon a Time in Mexicoand Dog Soldiers.

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