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A sense of relief

03.24.05 | Comment?

Last night Green’s Guide to Ghosts was released over at RPGNow.com. I’d forgetten that amazing euphoric feeling when a project is done. This is the first time I’ve made an effort to keep track of how much time I spent on layout. I clocked more than 50 documented hours!. I say “documented” because there were several days in the middle that I either didn’t have my notepad handy or forgot altogether. It also doesn’t include the time I spent working on the cover, which was before it occurred to me to keep track of my time.

Even cooler was that this morning I uploaded the POD edition, so both versions became available within 24 hours of one another. That’s another mighty weight off my shoulders. Now I can sit back and bask in the glory of a job well done.

Except that Modern Dispatch is due Sunday night. Then I’ll start on the revisions for the Savage Worlds edition of Green’s Guide. (Fortunately, that will go much faster than the original layout.) After that, I’ll actually get to write for a little while. At least long enough to contribute to Pinebox Pawn. Yeah… that’ll be a fun one. Then it’s outlines for Last Rites II (yes, the irony of the name is not lost on me) and the Werewolf adventure. Oh, execpt that sometime before then I’ll be doing the layout for Ed’s Horror Rules. And probably art direction/layout for Weathered aka Skinwalker.

It’s good to be busy. It means the company is moving forward. But sometime in there I’m taking time off to play Knights of the Old Republic II, damnit.

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