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09.16.05 | Comment?

I’m going to have to rethink Horace. I took a closer look at those leaderhship edges and they only apply to extras. There may be times when that could be handy, but I don’t know that it’s worth spending an Edge on. So then I started looking at my other options. I’m concerned that over time I may lose my effectiveness. As things get more difficult, I’ll still be dealing the same amount of damage from my firearms as I am now. Sure, my chances of hitting will improve, but there’s really no way to improve the amount of damage I do short of increasing the rate of fire. And unless I can get our gadgeteer to come up with something, that’s not feasible. My rifle has a ROF of 1 per round and you can’t take multiple attacks above a weapon’s ROF. So that leaves me with wielding two pistols. It’s less damage per pistol, but the possibility of two hits. Unfortunately there’s a heafty penalty for wielding weapons in each hand. I’d have to take two edges just to get back to an even playing field.

I really would have liked to take those leadership edges. I think they’re appropriate for the character and would have adding something extra to the roleplaying. On the flipside, now I just feel like a munchkin trying to figure out how I can trick out my gunfighter.

In other news, I finished up layout for Modern Dispatch last night. Never satisfied with the same old thing, we’re trying something different with this one. More “fluff”. It still has “crunch” though, too. Hopefully folks feel like it’s enough. Now I just need to finish up Skinwalker edits and get them back to Jerry. Then I’ll have maybe three or four days before I get the appendix to edit. Hmmm… what do with with all that free time? Maybe try to get caught up creating our PODs? Revisit my website redesign? Write the short PDFs I have in mind? Work on our campaign book? Believe me, there’s never a shortage of things to work on.

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