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04.06.05 | Comment?

Before I forget to mention it again, please note the addition of a new link to the right. My buddy and 12 to Midnight co-conspirator Ed Wetterman has started his own blog. He started with an interesting story of an East Texas family feud that once again proves that truth is stranger (and more entertaining) than fiction. If only he’d update it more often. ;)

I finished Koontz’s Frankenstein. I call it Koontz’s book, but Kevin J. Anderson, scourge of the Star Wars literary scene, is listed as a co-author. I try not to hold it against Koontz. Anyway, the book was entertaining to the last. I should mention that the review Ed wrote for 12 to Midnight was spot on. The book ends with the clear intention of future books. I noticed that the 2nd book has a different co-author. I wonder if that was the intention all along…

I also finished the Savage Worlds edition of Green’s Guide to Ghosts last night. I emailed it to Zeke (over at Great White Games) for review/approval/blessing. Once I hear back from him, it’ll go up on their site and RPGNow. I’m glad this project is behind me. I’m ready for a break from layout.

For one thing, Knights of the Old Republic II still beckons. And who am I to resist?

I’m also back on To Reign in Hell. It’s not a bad book. It really isn’t. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe, like Titanic and The Alamo, it’s just that I know how it will turn out. Maybe I’m uncomfortable with the way it matter-of-factly-yet-fictionally deals with my theological underpinnings. Of course, I knew it would be doing that when I picked it up. Whatever. It really isn’t a bad tale. I’ll finish it before moving on again.

Ben was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever. Got him to the doctor and confirmed an ear infection so he’s on antibiotic. Kim is staying home with him today, but he seems to fine. No fever and plenty of energy, so he’s definitely going back to school tomorrow.

New episode of Lost tonight. Last week’s episode didn’t have the big ending “revelation” that has been a hallmark of the show. In fact, Locke’s pre-crash predicament was pretty predictable from start to finish. The closest thing to a revelation was when he was looking through the window when it lit up. I guess he hasn’t considered that maybe it should stay locked up. That maybe it wasn’t designed to keep people out, but to keep something in.

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